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MANDALA ARTS AND CULTURE is a Vancouver based company dedicated to producing, developing and presenting Bharata natyam, and other Indian classical dance styles. Under the artistic direction and management of Jai Govinda, Mandala exists to create a legacy of excellence for bharata natyam by training students through the ACADEMY, and giving them opportunities to perform, share and train others students.

Its projects are committed to the classical presentation of the dance form, as well as opportunities for the reinterpretation of a traditional form into a contemporary context. Mandala encourages and provides opportunities for local, national and international collaborations, partnerships and exchanges. It is committed to introduce the dance style to various audiences through performances, workshops, lectures and demonstrations. Established in 1999, Mandala is a registered charitable organization.


Jai Govinda is the managing artistic director of

MANDALA Arts and Culture. Through creations, training, performances and collaborations, he expresses a broad vision for the dissemination of Bharata Natyam in a Canadian context.

Govinda has been practicing bharata natyam for the past 38 years. During that time, his work as a dancer, teacher and choreographer has been acclaimed nationally and internationally. He began his dance training with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens in Quebec city and Montreal under full scholarship. He then received bharata natyam training from notable gurus: Shri US Krishna Rao and Smt.  Chandrabhaga Devi, Shri KV Govindarajan, Smt. Jamuna Krishnan, and Dr Mamata N Nakra.


Govinda is the recipient of the Dance Centre’s 2006 Isadora Award for excellence in teaching, and for his outstanding achievements in BC’s dance community. He is also the recipient of the Vancouver Mayor’s Arts Award 2014 – Honouree/Dance, for leadership, innovation and support for the city’s cultural life over the course of his career. For 5 years, Jai Govinda was the curator of “Gait to the Spirit”, the first festival of Indian classical dance in Vancouver. Jai Govinda creates a space for Bharata Natyam to thrive and evolve in Canada.



Dr. P. Rathanaswami                                         

Vijay Gunja

Vidya Kotamraju                                           

Shawn Jagdeo

Pamini Roshan


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