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As its second instalment of a series of 4 bharata natyam performances, Mandala Arts and Culture will be presenting a performance by Malavika Santhosh highlighting the 2 vibrant aspects of the dance form; Nritta/ abstract dance and Nritya/dance with a narrative. The prayerful aspect of bharata natyam performance is ignited by a dance offering, very often in the form of a pushpanjali, mallari, allaripu or prayers of some kind. In this series you will find 4 different dance offerings in praise of various deities such as the Surya/ Sun God, Saraswathi/ goddess of fine arts, Buddha, and Devi/ consort of Shiva. Each of the performances will also have one or two expressional choreographies/ abhinaya, and will conclude with thillanas in 4 beautiful contemporary melodies including compositions of Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman and Sri Balamurali Krishna.


 This performance by Malavika Santhosh will be presented from February 4, 2022 onwards. A short description will highlight each of the choreographies as they are presented. Most of the choreographies are accompanied by the beautiful voice and music direction of Balasubramanya sharma in Bangalore, and a few others under the direction of late O.S. Sridhar from Delhi. We are very appreciative of the high quality of each of the audio recordings that Mandala commissioned for the purpose of such performances. Two more performances will be presented during the season 2022/2023.

Mandala Arts and Culture would like to acknowledge the generous support of the CATF of Canadian Heritage. This series was filmed in the Faris Theatre at the The Dance Centre.


To access this free virtual performance, kindly go to the following link from February 4th onwards


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Picture: Ron Sangha